Date: November 29, 2022
Time: 12:00 am

Join us on November 29th for GivingTuesday as we prepare to expand!


Here at Alternatives, we want to see abortion become unwanted in our community. While we are grateful for opportunities to come alongside women in their moment of crisis by empowering them to make life affirming choices, we also must continue to walk alongside them after their decisions for life by equipping them as mothers. It is a blessing to see our patients choose life for their child, but we also want to see these children born into strong and healthy families. We want to see these families thrive, not just get by.


To help with this goal of equipping parents to thrive, we are taking four steps:


  1. AMC has onboarded a Client Services Manager, Juana Jackson. Juana is developing programs within AMC’s resource department to equip parents and help launch them into their future.
  2. AMC has expanded its space. The suite two doors down from AMC opened up and we received keys for it this summer. We are currently in the process of remodeling the space!
  3. AMC is bringing its parenting and life skills classes back in person, as well as considering group classes on practical topics for parents in the community. These topics include resume writing, interview skills, nutrition, etc.
  4. AMC is creating a new role. This is the role of a “Dadvocate.” This will be a man that comes alongside men faced with unplanned pregnancies to provide relational support as they are processing through their pregnancy options. A “Dadvocate” will also walk alongside dads and help equip them, after their decision for life.


We need YOUR help making this happen! We receive no government funding and rely solely on gracious donors in the community to partner with us.


GivingTuesday is a global day of radical generosity, and we are hoping to exceed our fundraising goal of $25,000. The funds raised through GivingTuesday will help our organization achieve this goal of equipping parents through remodeling the space and developing new classes and services to offer the community.  Click here to give:

Abortion procedure/direct referral not provided.
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