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Alternatives Medical Clinic is a fully licensed pregnancy Medical Clinic in the State of California. We are accredited by the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.), the first pregnancy clinic in the state of California with this distinction.  Our Services are free. Medical Clinic Website We are a non-profit (501 c3), life-affirming ministry, providing guidance to women in their reproductive years.  Alternatives Medical Clinic receives no government funding or grants.  Your donation is much appreciated and tax deductible.


Alternatives provides medical and educational services that empower women and men to make life affirming choices concerning pregnancy and sexual health.


To be the first choice for those facing unplanned pregnancies and sexual health decisions.


As a medical clinic, we provide services to women facing unplanned pregnancies including pregnancy tests, limited obstetrical ultrasounds, and education in pregnancy and infant care. Each patient is presented with the facts of abortion and the reality of the baby in her womb.  Possibilities of other options – parenting, placing for adoption – are explored. Post-abortion support programs are available for those walking through the regret and emotional pain of previous abortions. We treat the whole woman- exploring physical, medical, intellectual, and spiritual needs.


Alternatives Medical Clinic began when a group of friends attending Emmanuel Faith Community Church in Escondido CA felt a prompting to help young women in unplanned pregnancies.  They wanted to be an alternative to abortions.  Francie Overstreet and several others began giving out baby food, formula and diapers to expectant moms.  The need was great and the ministry soon outgrew its closet moving into a local storeroom.  They began offering free pregnancy tests and giving out a more diverse array of free baby supplies including layettes and nursery furniture.  They also began educational speaking engagements in schools. All services were free, volunteers ran the program and financial support came from individual donors and churches who share the same vision of caring for preborn lives and their moms. In the summer of 1995 a new corporation call Alternatives Pregnancy Care Clinic opened as a fully licensed medical clinic.  Services were added including nurse assessments, free pregnancy tests with verification, limited ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins and abstinence education. In 2007, realizing we want to help all women make the most informed decisions about reproduction, we changed our name to Alternatives women’s Center (AMC) in order to invite all women of reproductive age. In 2012 through a rigorous process of accreditation that recognizes the highest standards of care and industry best practices, AMC became accredited by the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc). We were the first one in the state with this distinction at the time.  Now, several others have achieved accreditation. In 2015, we designed and opened a 39ft state of the art, custom built mobile clinic.  This provision enables us to bring care to those who can’t readily travel to our fixed base location, such as college students and those in surrounding areas. In 2017 the Board of Directors voted unanimously to change the name to Alternatives Medical Clinic (AMC).  This new name refined our mission and vision and better brands us to market to women and men involving pregnancy and sexual health decisions.  Today, all services remain free in both clinics.  AMC is fully staffed by RN’s with medical care overseen by a MD Medical Director.  We also have an outstanding Board of Directors, who govern this ministry.  Patient appointments are HIPPA protected, and not rushed. Our medical services include limited obstetrical ultrasounds to confirm viability of pregnancy, pregnancy testing, and STI/STD education.  We also provide post abortive resources for women and girls who need it.  We offer Earn While You Learn education programs facilitated by trained volunteers.  We have educational scholarships through our Francie Overstreet Scholarship Fund, and our boutique know as Hannah’s Closet is a provision of much needed baby supplies.  We treat the patients and their partners with great care and respect.  We offer to share God’s Word with them and often pray should they desire. We are thankful to be the stewards of what the Lord has provided through generous donors, supporter, churches, lawyers, teachers, and business professionals who give their time and talents  freely in order to help us speak the truth in love.


“While many complain about the evils of abortion, abuse, addiction and crisis pregnancies, AMC provides medical expertise, practical parenting help and solid biblical counseling for women and their unborn babies. I wholeheartedly endorse Alternatives Medical Clinic.” Dennis Keating, Senior Pastor Emmanuel Faith Community Church “As a pastor I’ve been called upon many occasions to be right in the middle of people’s crisis and pain.  That’s exactly where Alternatives lives daily.  Their team of caring and compassionate servants are uniquely gifted to minister grace in practical and tangible ways, to those who otherwise would have to hide in the shadows of shame.  Which is why I’ve counted it a privilege to lead our church in championing their work.” Miles DeBenedictis, Senior Pastor Cross Connection Church “Raised in a Christian home and date raped at 16, I wrongly felt my only choice was an abortion because I did not want to tell my parents I was pregnant.  The industry and society made it seem so simple that I went through it without considering other options.  Now as an adult and mother of 4 children (3 thru adoption) and 2 grandchildren, I know that God was trying to bless me even throuugh my sin and tragedy, but I was too scared to receive it.  As a facilitator for Surrendering the Secret (post abortive healing classes offered thru AMC) I’ve heard other women share their stories of loss, fear and pain; with most having no idea what was really happening to their baby or their bodies.  If we, as a society truly care about women, their health and rights for choice, then we need to provide them education and information to make a fully informed decision.  AMC does this by providing free medical care and counsel for women (as well as their partners) of all ages, races and religious backgrounds by providing STD information and pregnancy tests and showing pregnant women the stage of their fetus, etc.  They also offer tremendous support (both tangibly and emotionally) should they want to carry the baby.  Often, women still choose abortion and they do so with all the facts.   With AMC’s help, many women have experienced the joy of motherhood and providing life/family for their child.  I know firsthand that abortion is never a source of joy for anyone involved and want few women, men and children to have to experience this.  Thank you AMC for caring for women and a whole (body, mind and spirit)!” Shelly Hoiseth, Post Abortion instructor and faithful ministry partner
Abortion procedure/direct referral not provided.
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